Human Ecology // Images in the Anthropocene - A European Art Laboratory and Residency

© Bärbel Praun, Untitled from the series "this must be the place", 2015

In 2016 & 2017 I will be working at The Independent AIR's residency on the theme of Human Ecology //  Images in the Anthropocene.

The residency is a working European art laboratory which takes place in the south of Portugal. A group of 6 emerging photographic artists will collaborate, discuss and inspire each other to work under the theme Human Ecology // Images in the Anthropocene.
During the residency we will be guided by a team of internationally established artists and mentors, who will conduct several workshops throughout the residency period. My fellow artists in residence are: Clément Verger, Ana Catarina Pinho, Constantin Schlachter, Michelle Palazzi and Bärbel Praun