In the spring of 2013 Sissel & Line Thastum founded the international cultural non-profit organisation and artist residency The Independent AIR.

The Independent AIR has developed to an international recognised as a supportive and sustainable community of practice, production and experimentation for emergent photographers and lens-based artist. The Independent AIR organises group residencies, master classes, exhibitions, artist talks and photographic workshops in Denmark and internationally.
Our organisation was created as a reaction to an increasing individualism and lack of community, as well as an aim for independence from the commercial and institutional demands of the art world. Our goal is to strengthen community values and development through networks rather than supporting individualism. This do not only reflects our attitude towards art but our world view in general.

We want to create space and possibilities for artists to relate to the increasing ecological and social crises the world are facing in this Anthropocene era and the global challenges are ever present. Art and culture can and must take part and take a stance! Through our activities we try to promote the investigative, profound and experimental, as well as focusing on the state of the planet and seek new ways.
The independent AIR is an environmentally sustainable cultural project at all levels.  We run all activities as environmentally sustainable as possible and we try to inspirer our participants and collaborators to make sustainable choices as well. Reed more about our sustainable practise and find our handbook for sustainable choices in photography at

The Independent AIR is run by a small team, supported by our advisory board. The organisation and is financially sustained through private and governmental grants as well as sponsorships. Since 2014, Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture has financially supported us as an official Culture Capital project.

The team consists of Sissel Thastum, Line Thastum and Stinus Duch. The advisory board consists of Trine Søndergård, Catarina Fontoura, Jens Erik Bæk and Adam Jeppesen.